Education is key, educate yourself and others.

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Corporate Sponsors

Fierce Freedom is thankful for the support of amazing corporate sponsors! We couldn't do our work without them.

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Our Mission

Fierce Freedom works to educate and equip individuals, organizations, and communities to the abolishment of human trafficking.

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We can't do what we do without you.

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Volunteer for upcoming Charity Golf Classic on May 19

Join us in abolishing modern-day slavery by volunteering with Fierce Freedom!

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Fierce Freedom was formed to combat human trafficking in west-central Wisconsin. The non-profit organization, based in Eau Claire, aims to educate people, organizations and communities about trafficking-related issues and works with law enforcement members, state legislators and others regarding human trafficking in the Midwest. The agency does not provide direct services to clients but instead works to link them to existing services.


Educating people about human trafficking and it's devastating effects is an important, necessary step in stopping this horrible crime. We give presentations to churches, schools, community organizations and other groups. We talk with local lawmakers about Wisconsin's laws and how that legislation can be strengthened to fight trafficking. We also work with local law enforcement agencies, assisting them in their efforts to combat human trafficking.