Shut Down Pornhub! Feat. Helen Taylor


Today’s episode shines light on the global entity of Pornhub – the largest purveyor of user-generated porn in the world. Helen Taylor, Director of Outreach and Intervention for Exodus Cry, unpacks the problems with the site, which has been under fire for hosting content that promotes and profits from the real rape and abuse of women and children. She explains how this has become a trafficking hub, feeding demand of progressively violent sexual acts all under the guise of being a philanthropic org who cares.

Helen then shares about the call to action her organization Exodus Cry has taken after hearing so many real accounts of exploitation, named “traffickinghub.”

She and her associates are calling for Pornhub to be held responsible for hosting such horrific, damaging content in which one 15-year-old victim said “gave her a life sentence.”

To join the 2 million strong who have signed this petition and support Exodus Cry, visit their website:

Operation Underground Railroad Feat. Garry McIntosh


We are joined by Garry McIntosh, Director of Donor Relations for Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.), an organization that exists to rescue children from sex trafficking and sexual exploitation and has already rescued over 4,000 victims and assisted in the arrests of 2,300 traffickers around the globe.

Garry talks about the unique origins of O.U.R., which was started by former Homeland Security Special Agent Tim Ballard, who left his post to lead an elite squad of former US law enforcement officers on missions to hunt down human traffickers and bring them to justice by partnering alongside local law enforcement.

In addition to providing extensive training for law enforcement by providing digital forensics technology, intelligence sharing and special investigative tools – one of O.U.R.’s core strengths rests in the value it places on aftercare for victims.

Listen to hear more about how you can get trained and partner with O.U.R.’s mission by visiting their website:

The Pathway Forward, Feat. Lisa Heth

In honor of Indigenous People’s Day, we’re honored to have Lisa Heth who is the Executive director for Wiconi Wawokiya, Inc.  (Helping Families) a domestic violence shelter on the Crow Creek reservation and Founder of Pathfinder Center, a place of refuge for victims of human trafficking.

Lisa shares about how the roots of colonialism has led to collective historical trauma and injustice that the indigenous population still experience today. Lisa also shares about the rehabilitation at Pathfinder Center, whose unique programming honors culturally sensitive indigenous lifeways that reintroduce food sovereignty, and sand-tray storytelling.

To find out how you can support Lisa’s work with Pathfinder Center visit:


Precision Pipeline: An Industry Leader Towards Change Feat. Rachel Johnson & Lindsey Mattson
We’re so excited to share this podcast about our FF sponsors and friends at Precision Pipeline, LLC – who are doing incredible things at their company and doing the “thing they can do.”
In less than a year, Precision Pipeline has trained over 1,500 employees to spot the signs of human trafficking in the field, but they’re just getting started. Guests Rachel Johnson, Public Relations Manager and Lindsey Mattson, Manager of Creative Services for Precision Pipeline will share how they used their knowledge and passion to influence an entire organization to fight trafficking by partnering with advocacy groups on both a local and national level, integrating employee training, and becoming a resource for others in the industry.
They’ll also tease some exciting future developments regarding this training and share insights for any other organizations that want to implement this training successfully into the ethos of their business.
Rachel Johnson:
Lindsey Mattson: