Coming Full Circle, Feat. Jennifer Lyons

Today we interview Jennifer Lyons, Shelter Coordinator for Bridge to Hope, whose unique background has allowed her to walk through several parts of the trafficking journey.

Listen as Jennifer shares how her own experience as a trafficking survivor equipped her as a Deputy to identify inmates who had been trafficked which then informed her role working with victims of domestic violence as a Shelter Coordinator.

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The Trafficking Trap

Traffickers across the nation are cherry picking victims from prisons and jails with incredible ease and often never getting caught. How and why is this happening?

Hosts John Pulley and Cat Jacoby highlight “The Trap” an investigative documentary by The Guardian, which delves into how female prisoners across the US become victims of human trafficking and pimp-controlled prostitution.

Watch The Trap:

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Raising PEARLS Feat. Genise Hope

Today’s episode features Genise Hope, author, foster mom and survivor of childhood sexual abuse. She shares about her book Raising PEARLS (Prepared, Empowered, Armored, Restored, Loved & Secure Children) and how to best utilize it when talking to your kids about protection from abuse or abduction.

Genise explains how dealing with her own childhood trauma as an adult became a necessary part of becoming a foster parent. She gives important reminders for those interested in fostering children and what to expect.

Resources for Foster Parents:

In the Business of Giving Back Feat. John & Jennifer McBride


Today we hear from John & Jennifer McBride who have used their influence in the business world to not only train their employees about human trafficking, but to intentionally foster an atmosphere that generously gives back.

The two share about benefits for businesses who support the issue of human trafficking and their tips for making the most impact through both company culture and financial giving.

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