Let’s Talk About Sex! Part IV, Feat. Amanda Casey


For the final chapter of our “Let’s Talk About Sex” series, we are joined by Survivor Advocate Amanda Casey who breaks down core beliefs of shame and how it affects our sexuality.

Whether you’re single, married, or a survivor of trauma, Amanda says that the root of shame is universal and it similarly affects our ability to engage with one another and ourselves if it goes unaddressed.

She shares some of her strategies for combatting this toxic mindset by referring to cases working with trafficked and exploited women.

You can also catch Amanda as our keynote speaker at Night of Freedom & Hope, coming up March 5th, 2021 (virtual option available).

Let’s Talk About Sex! Part III, Feat. Joy Skarka


Did you know that studies show 1 in 3 women watch porn at least once a week? But so many women who want to come out of their addiction never get help because they feel so ashamed and outside the “cultural norms.”

As part III of our series to take the shame out of sex we invited Joy Skarka, Director of Discipleship for Authentic Intimacy and currently pursuing her Doctorate to study how women find freedom from sexual shame.

Joy shares about her own journey through porn addiction and how others can find true freedom, explaining how the philosophy of just “doing more, and trying harder” doesn’t work with recovery from porn and other unhealthy coping mechanisms.

She also shares about a NEW online study for women based on the book she is writing, Women Struggling with Pornography beginning March 5 – April 23, sign up for this or other great studies on the Authentic Intimacy Website.

Let’s Talk About Sex! Part II, Feat Dr. Doug Rosenau

As Part II of our impactful “Let’s Talk About Sex!” series, we invited Dr. Doug Rosenau, a therapist, theologian and author whose personal mission is exchange how sexuality has been taught through external behaviors with deep heart attitudes.

Doug unpacks how traditional purity culture has largely focused on “how many ways can you say don’t?” and physical virginity, rather than a framework of living life in community, aiming to love and respect others.

He encourages singles to bring their sexuality to a community setting in a healthy way, explaining that while there is a “costly obedience” of choosing to abstain from certain behaviors, there is also great reward in doing so.

Doug’s new book Single and Sexually Whole will be available June 1, check out this and his other fantastic books at Amazon.

Let’s Talk About Sex, Part I – Feat. Keelie & Austin Reason


This first episode in our monthly series focusing on taking the shame out of sex. To kick things off we are joined by business partners and spouses Keelie and Austin Reason, whose marriage blog Love Hope Adventure seeks to point couples towards true and lasting intimacy with each other.

They’ll unpack how introducing porn or even romantic comedies can set unrealistic expectations for relationships and how re-shaping the way we talk about sex can lead us to view it in a more healthy way.

Their site features free worksheets ranging from sexy “Truth or Dare” game to “Top Date Night Ideas,” as well as their “5 Foundations for Intimacy in Marriage Course.”