Safety At Home

Introduction to the Online Safety at Home Series

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Welcome to the Online Safety at Home Series. With unprecedented numbers of children being online during the coronavirus situation, Fierce Freedom is excited to bring you a series of videos that will help you to discuss online gaming, app usage, and exploitation with your children in a way that will help you as a parent to protect them.

App Safety - How to Talk to and Protect Your Kids

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This video will show you some of the popular apps used by kids and how you can protect them as they use this aspect of social media. Snapchat, Instagram and TikTok are three that we will look at together. You’ll learn why they’re popular and what each app can do … as well as the potential dangers of each.

You’ll also walk away with some helpful tips and resources to help you as you talk to your kids.

Online Gaming Safety

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Discord and Fortnite are two of the most popular gaming platforms for teens and adults alike. In this video, you’ll learn the potential dangers found in online gaming and video games and, more importantly, practical ways you can protect your kids.

You’ll also learn about a recent news story about how online gaming led to sex trafficking.

Online Grooming Part I & II

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You don’t know what you don’t know – yet. In this video, you will learn some of the ways that actual traffickers and predators are getting an in with your kids. Knowing best practices for protecting your children (or yourself) from exploitation will be discussed.

Also on this video, we’ll discuss threat of revenge porn and how sextortion is being used to manipulate both children and adults into doing things that they would normally never do.

Pro Tips for Parents

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Amanda Casey, mom of 3 and Fierce Freedom’s Survivor Advocate, discusses practical guidelines for parents as you talk about online safety with your kids. She will talk about ways you can establish your own boundaries as a family.


You will also learn her favorite tools to promote safety with your kids and be guided through having the tough conversations with your children.

Bonus Video - Parents Amanda and Tim Casey