Upcoming Events

Click the link below to download the registration form for the May 19th Chippewa Charity Classic Golf Outing. The Chippewa Valley Economic Corporation has selected us to be the beneficiary for this fun event! Click here to learn more about the event.


Click here to learn more about our upcoming screening of I am Jane Doe at the State Theatre in Eau Claire on May 23!

I Am Jane Doe, the powerful new documentary film written and directed by Mary Mazzio, narrated by Academy-Award and Golden Globe nominee Jessica Chastain (Zero Dark Thirty, Miss Sloane), and produced by Mazzio and Academy-Award nominee Alec Sokolow (Toy Story), chronicles the epic battle that several American mothers are waging on behalf of their under-age daughters who were bought and sold for sex on Backpage.com, the adult classifieds section that for years was part of the iconic Village Voice…

To purchase your ticket, please visit the State Theatre website by clicking here.


Past Events


5th Annual Night of Freedom and Hope

  • Mrs. Wisconsin - fighting hard against human trafficking!

  • Some of our very wonderful volunteers! Thank you ...all of you!

  • Our Rising Stars


  • Lt. Ryan Dahlgren - Eau Claire Police Department

  • Ryan had a few awards of his own to give

  • Jodi honoring and introducing Lt. Ryan Dahlgren who was our Keynote Speaker

  • Rep. Jill Billings

  • Rep. Jill Billings accepting her Dave Duax award

  • Mrs. Duax being honored before we awarded three law makers with the Dave Duax Award for bipartisanship  

  • Jodi giving our Rising Star award to Brie and Nikki

  • Jenny talking about accomplishments over the past 12 months

  • Fierce Freedom Board President, Jennifer McBride

  • Thank you, Andrew Martin

  • Thank you, Kari Kowski for the beautiful centerpieces.

Shaving Down Beauty - A benefit for Fierce Freedom

  • Lt. Ryan Dahlgren - EC Police Dept.

  • Jodi Emerson 

  • Silent Auction

  • Keanna's great grandparents attending the event on their 38th wedding anniversary

  • Silent Auction

  • Silent Auction

  • Silent Auction

  • Silent Auction

  • Silent Auction

  • Silent Auction

  • Silent Auction

  • FF Merch

  • Silent Auction

  • Silent Auction

  • Silent Auction

  • Silent Auction

Justice Run 2012

  • Jessie giving instructions for the race.

  • Good friends doing a great work.

Fierce Freedom Event - 9/15/12

  • Cheryl telling her story

  • Jenny welcoming everyone to the event

  • Sisters

  • Dave Malone - Eau Claire Chief of Police (Retired)

  • Theresa introducing Dave Malone

Stout presentation - Feb, 2013

  • An amazing group of students!

Night of Hope

  • Theresa introducing Dave Malone

  • These girls were busy!!!

  • Kristi

  • Wristbands: National Human Trafficking Hotline Phone Number - 888.3737.888.

  • Jessie Podolak speaking about the issue of human trafficking - and how we can combat it at a local level.

  • Dave Malone speaking to us from a law enforcement point of view.

  • Rachel Debner's as she performs her Spoken Word.

  • Honestly - world changers for sure!

  • Lauren Anderson

Getting ready for the Just Us Run....

  • No worries...the water will be COLD and on ice!

Just Us Run 2013

  • Nikki - one of our hard working volunteers!

  • Johanna and Jenny

  • He slept through the entire race

  • Samantha and the youngest racer, Desmond.

  • Lori and Jessie - great job ladies!

  • Ready...set...go...

  • Jessie getting things started.

  • Johanna from IJM

  • A lot of people!

  • Cheryl and Peggy

  • Jaci getting set up

  • Yep...a new born. This is one amazing family.

  • You ladies are AMAZING!

Eau Claire Night Out 2013

  • Fierce Freedom partnering with American Military Academy at EC Night Out

  • Dave Malone speaking to the crowd at Eau Claire Night Out

2013 Panel Dicussion

  • Rep. Dana Wachs Sgt. Ryan Dahlgren

  • Sgt. Ryan Dahlgren - Eau Claire Police Dept. Holly Wagner - Dunn County Assistant District Jodi Emerson - (Moderator) Fierce Freedom

  • Rep. Dana Wachs (D), Sgt. Ryan Dahlgren - Eau Claire Detictive, Holly Wagner - Dunn County ADA,Jodi Emerson - Fierce Freedom, Rep. Kathy Benier (R), Jenny Almquist - Fierce Freedom

Christmas Cookie Fundraiser

  • The gang

  • Kristi and Amanda

  • Covered in flour!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Student IJM Stand For Freedom

Night of Freedom and Hope 2014

  • Rachel with her new spoken word

  • Ron and Michelle Lovelien with their Lifting the Lid award.

  • Fierce Beauty premier of spring scarves

  • Jessie giving us an update from last year - how we can all be involved in "plugging the hole" and stopping human trafficking. Great word, Jessie. THANKS!

  • Joyce with Jessie. Joyce received out SHOUT award for her amazing "shout out" during her fundraising event for Fierce Freedom.

  • Michelle won the Ninja award for being so fierce!

  • This is what we are all about - Rep. Wachs (D) and Rep. Bernier (R) working together on this issue!

  • Acting a little silly at the end of the night.

  • Out caterer and her new friend

  • The Luke and Bill Quintet - entertaining our guests

Jacob's Well Student Impact

  • Thursday

  • Thursday

  • Thursday

  • Thursday

  • Thursday

  • Thursday

  • Monday

  • Monday

  • Wednesday

  • Getting ready for some fundraising - pricing scarves and hats. Wednesday

  • A little comic relief after an hour of paint prep. Wednesday

  • This group was just a little bit silly - love the scarves and hats, guys. Wednesday

  • Tuesday

  • Tuesday

  • Tuesday

  • Tuesday

  • Tuesday

  • Monday

  • Monday

Justice Run/Walk 2014

  • Jodi being interviewed

  • Jessie Podolak - Justice Run/Walk organizer

  • Jenny and Erika from International Justice Mission.