Empowering Through Education

Since Education is key before inroads can be made in the fight against human trafficking, the public must know what human trafficking is, who it affects, the warning signs, and how they can help.


Did you know youth are often the most targeted population for trafficking? Fierce Freedom can empower your school to identify the warning signs of grooming – decreasing your own liability – while helping to protect students from exploitation.

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Faith Community

Today, there are more slaves worldwide than when Lincoln was president. Fierce Freedom can show how you as a member of the faith community can take action against the “Goliath” of modern-day slavery in your hometown and protect your loved ones from exploitation.

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First Responders

88% of trafficking victims will access health care at some point during their situation. Fierce Freedom will train you to  use your unique and vital role as a first responder or medical provider to report trafficking incidents and help victims to get the services they desperately need.

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Community/Civic Group

Human trafficking is the fastest growing and most lucrative criminal enterprise in our nation today. Fierce Freedom’s education will teach your group how to stand united together in the fight against modern-day slavery and protect your loved ones from exploitation.

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Know the Warning Signs

  • Has a boyfriend that is significantly older than her
  • Suddenly has more expensive clothing or jewelry
  • Has a tattoo with either a barcode or someone else’s name
  • Sudden change in group of friends
  • Disappears for a few days without explanation
  • Not in control of personal documents
  • Becomes depressed, withdrawn or combative with family
  • Not allowed to speak without third party present
  • Poor physical health
  • Is not free to come and go as they wish
  • House has strange look such as boarded up windows or curtains constantly drawn

If you or someone you know are a victim of human trafficking and would like to speak with an advocate, please call the Fierce Freedom Advocacy Line at 715-828-6040 or email advocate@fiercefreedom.org.

If you have information that may help law enforcement, please call the National Human Trafficking hotline at 888-3737-888.