Empowering Through Education

Since Education is key before inroads can be made in the fight against human trafficking, the public must know what human trafficking is, who it affects, the warning signs, and how they can help.

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Real Faces of Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking is bad for business, every year, corporations lose millions because of lawsuits due to human trafficking resulting from employee naievete or negligence.

Law Enforcement Training

Hear from a Survivor Advocate and Police Detective as they share about their experience of learning how to work together on a trafficking case – and the important lessons they learned along the way.

Fierce parenting

As a busy parent, we know talking to your kids about tough topics like sex trafficking or abuse can feel overwhelming. This subscription includes 52 weeks of short videos to help protect your kids from abuse and exploitation


Know the Warning Signs

Has a boyfriend that is significantly older than her

Suddenly has more expensive clothing or jewelry

Has a tattoo with either a barcode or someone else’s name

Sudden change in group of friends

Disappears for a few days without explanation

Not in control of personal documents

Becomes depressed, withdrawn or combative with family

Not allowed to speak without third party present

Poor physical health

Is not free to come and go as they wish

House has strange look such as boarded up windows or curtains constantly drawn

If you have information that may help law enforcement, please call the National Human Trafficking hotline at 888-3737-888.