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Cat Morgan, Fierce Freedom Podcast Producer

Jo lembo, shared hope international

Jo lembo, shared hope international

Director of Faith Initiatives and National Outreach for Shared Hope International

Before moving to Arizona, Jo served as Shared Hope’s top speaker and presenter in the Seattle/Puget Sound area. She was one of the first volunteer Ambassadors extending the founders’ reach in the Pacific Northwest. Now, as the Director of Faith Initiatives and National Outreach for Shared Hope, she is head of the nationwide Faith Initiative to empower and equip faith communities.

As a motivational speaker for activists of all ages, she trains Ambassadors nationwide to share with their audiences the HOPE they can have to make a difference in the world they live in to protect children from predators. Education is the defense and Jo is committed to reaching as many people as possible with information to stop the tactics of traffickers.

“I believe that one individual who is determined to make a difference in the world, can, with desire, drive, dedication, discipline, passion, and persistence. The world can be altered and billions of people’s lives can be impacted positively in an unimaginable way.” ATGW

Topic(s) To Discuss

  • Tell Linda Smith’s faith story
  • share my own story
  • encourage churches to get educated and bring the hard conversations into their own settings
  • SHI hosts regular FBLive programs to educate and bring in other experts (importance of survivor voices) and offer the faith in action toolkit to  help them introduce DMST and then take awareness into their communities
  • get involved locally with organizations that are fighting sex trafficking (volunteer, be trained by them, know what they need, offer your expertise as board members etc)


  1. Tell us about the history of Shared Hope and it’s faith foundations.
  2. As a former pastor, tell us how you first became involved in the fight against human trafficking
  3. How can churches become activated in the fight against domestic minor sex trafficking?
  4. What does Shared Hope do to foster faith initiatives in their work?
  5. What are some steps for someone to get involved in fighting sex trafficking from a faith perspective?


Our Mission

The Fierce Freedom Podcast aims to shine light on all aspects of modern-day slavery by sharing compelling conversations with individuals who are using their passions and talents to fight human trafficking and exploitation. By telling these stories, we hope to both educate listeners through spreading awareness and to inspire individuals to rise up and fight within their sphere of influence. 


Once you have confirmed the date and time that works with our producer, you will receive a calendar invite with a link to a Zoom meeting. If you need to change the date or time we ask you try to let us know 7 days ahead of scheduled recording. 

We typically ask guests to reserve an hour of recording time, please let us know if you need to leave early so we can be sure to adjust accordingly.

The recording will then be edited for clarity and timeliness and will typically air the following Tuesday at 5am CDT. If you’d like to listen to the recording in advance, please let our producer know by the Friday before the air date.

If there are any topics you’d prefer not to speak on please let our producer know, we are also happy to edit anything out in post-production. Recording style is relaxed and conversational. Even though this is a serious topic our goal is to present information in an accessible way to listeners, we like to end on a note of inspiration and hope whenever possible.

That being said, relax, be yourself, and as always thank you so much for sharing your time and talents with us!



"I believe that all jails desperately need your training as the victims of human trafficking frequently pass through the system. If staff is not trained on the warning signs of human trafficking and what the victims my look like, these are missed opportunities to provide help."

Captain Curt Dutton, Chippewa County Sheriff's Office

“Your agency is my greatest resource to share with anyone I talk to.”

Amy O’Donahue, Deputy, Specialized Enforcement, Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Officer Ashland and Bayfield County Sheriff’s Offices

"Human trafficking is a worldwide crisis. Everyone can do something. Stand against this egregious violation and maltreatment of our fellow brothers and sisters on this planet. Join Fierce Freedom and fight human trafficking at home and around the world!"


"Fierce Freedom is at the forefront of anti human trafficking! They are constantly working with the community to train, rescue, and bring awareness! If you're going to support an organization in your area, this is the one to partner with!"