By: Cat Jacoby, Public Relations and Program Coordinator

Have you ever attended one of our presentations and wanted to do more? Is your heart burdened for the issue of human trafficking and exploitation but you’re unsure about how to move forward? I want to share with you a upcoming opportunity with Fierce Freedom, Fierce Freedom Advocates. This may be your next step to equip you to educate others and become a certified freedom fighter in your own hometown.

With education being at the heart of our mission, we feel that the natural progression is to build on this through the development a multi-layered online learning course. This series of trainings will first guide the user through a comprehensive look at both sex and labor trafficking. Once an assessment of their knowledge is completed and passed, they will progress to a more in-depth look at the three pieces of the puzzle- traffickers, victims, and buyers. The next learning module focuses on ways to fight trafficking through a broader approach, through legislation and at the community level through one’s personal sphere of influence. The final module finishes with some steps for personal development as an advocate, and tools for success to put in your Fierce Freedom Advocate toolbox.

While Fierce Freedom will continue to educate our local communities about modern-day slavery and exploitation in our hometowns, we also have a vision to equip others across the nation who share this passion. Our hope is that Fierce Freedom Advocates could be the spark that helps spread the message like wildfire in other communities nationwide. Be watching our website at for more information about Fierce Freedom Advocates, set to launch later this fall.