Jenny Almquist

Jenny Almquist

Co-Founder and Executive Director

Jenny first learned about the horrors of human trafficking in 2008, which lead to the birth of Fierce Freedom. As Executive Director, Jenny works to build the organization so that awareness and education about the issue can continue to spread. Her main goal is to educate and move people to action, to work toward the abolishment of human trafficking and exploitation. Jenny enjoys writing, reading, and public speaking. In her time away from the office, you will find Jenny gardening, traveling and spending time with her husband, children and grandson.

Cat morgan

Cat morgan

Community Program Specialist

Cat’s passion for social justice was sparked into flame during college after seeing a powerful documentary “Nefarious” about the human sex trade and joining the on-campus organization International Justice Mission. Working with Fierce Freedom gives her the opportunity to speak to thousands of people about the realities of domestic human trafficking. She loves having these conversations which lead individuals to finding their own role in the fight for justice.

Cat received her BA in Public Relations from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire in 2016. She relocated briefly after college to Boston, gaining experience in her field that she eagerly brought to Fierce Freedom. A lifelong learner, she enjoys the diverse range of tasks that each day brings, allowing her the space to grow as she fights for something she deeply cares about.

Joyce Orth

Joyce Orth

Community Engagement Specialist

Joyce retired in 2021 from public sector employment with a local school district, serving most recently as the District Communications Coordinator. Her years of experience includes volunteering with community groups, and serving on boards for nonprofit and professional organizations at the local and state level. She currently serves as Lead Elder on her church board.
She loves to connect people to each other and to find avenues that add value to their lives. Brené Brown says, “ To me, a leader is someone who holds her- or himself accountable for finding potential in people and processes.” Joyce agrees! She’s excited to apply these strategies to her work and our work together to end human trafficking and exploitation in our hometowns.
chris Page

chris Page

Worth It Program Specialist

Chris has been working with Elementary aged students for the past 25 years in a variety of settings.  He has worked as a workshop trainor, puppeteer, story teller, child care leader, curriculum writer, missionary, and kids pastor.
Chris received a Bachelor of Physical Education degree from University of New Brunswick. He now lives in the suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota with his wife, Stephanie, their 4 daughters  (Aimee, Olivia, Eden and Isabella) and their Golden Doodle (Ernie). Chris and Steph worked at Missionaries for a few years, serving in Ukraine, Bahamas, Vero Beach FL, and  New Orleans, LA. Chris enjoys swimming, sports and spending time with his family. If he could, he would spend the majority of his waking hours playing pool.  He is glad to be part of the Fierce Freedom team and join in the battle against trafficking and exploitation.
Lydia Lafferty

Lydia Lafferty

Operations Manager

Lydia Lafferty (Almquist) is a our Operations Manager. Lydia has learned the in’s and out’s of the non-profit world from an early age. Long before Fierce Freedom was an official non-profit, Lydia worked with her mom to bring awareness about human trafficking to her community. She was even acknowledged by her high school classmates for a trip that she took to Thailand to work with young boys and girls who had been rescued from the sex trade.

Lydia brings strong organizational skills, creativity, and is a solid team member. She oversees office administration and finances.

When Lydia is not working for Fierce Freedom you can find her playing with her fur baby, Reyna or out Jeeping with her husband, Liam. Lydia also loves to read, study history, and craft.

Debbie Hong

Debbie Hong

Volunteer Coordinator

Debbie first learned of the horrific stories of child sex-trafficking during an International Justice Mission presentation at church in 2008. She was not aware of these crimes being prevalent in the US, to young children, or that it was in our own hometowns. As a grandmother with a heart for injustice, she felt compelled to do something.  She began by forming an employer sponsored team to serve at the Justice Run each year. 
After retirement from a utility company in 2019, she began volunteering in the Fierce Freedom office and at outreach events. She still volunteers her time as volunteer coordinator and through community programming for incarcerated juveniles.
Debbie cherishes time spent with family, camping, anything to do with water, and spoiling her grandchildren. She and her husband, Mike have 3 adult daughters, 3 son-in-laws, twelve grandchildren and 2 dogs.  

The Fierce Freedom Board of Directors

Thank you From the Fierce Freedom Team!

"I believe that all jails desperately need your training as the victims of human trafficking frequently pass through the system. If staff is not trained on the warning signs of human trafficking and what the victims my look like, these are missed opportunities to provide help."

Captain Curt Dutton, Chippewa County Sheriff's Office

“Your agency is my greatest resource to share with anyone I talk to.”

Amy O’Donahue, Deputy, Specialized Enforcement, Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Officer Ashland and Bayfield County Sheriff’s Offices

"Human trafficking is a worldwide crisis. Everyone can do something. Stand against this egregious violation and maltreatment of our fellow brothers and sisters on this planet. Join Fierce Freedom and fight human trafficking at home and around the world!"


"Fierce Freedom is at the forefront of anti human trafficking! They are constantly working with the community to train, rescue, and bring awareness! If you're going to support an organization in your area, this is the one to partner with!"