Exploitation & Trafficking Info Sheet

Learn some general statistics about trafficking and exploitation which include: top venues for trafficking, states with the top trafficking reports, and statistics for online solicitation.

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What Kind of Exploitation is Present?

Is it sex trafficking, sexual abuse, or sexual assault? Download this flowchart to help determine the kind of exploitation present. Keep in mind some individuals may have had multiple traumatic incidents occur and would classify in multiple categories.

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Fierce freedom Impact report

A report that shows the impact Fierce Freedom has had since 2015 – present, through speaking engagements, victim identification and impact with the at-risk youth population.


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Survivor Advocate professional Toolkit

We’ve developed this toolkit for advocates working with survivors, it is research-based and provides documents for advocacy rules and requirements, and paperwork for client agreements for teen and adult advocacy.

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Trafficking Prevention for Parents & Teens Handout

A handout that can be used for parents & teens – encouraging each to think through factors that influence victimization, and meaningful tools for intervention.

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Best Practices for online safety

As your kids turn online for both school and play it is important to talk through guidelines and best practices for safety on their device. This handout includes some reminders and helpful hints as you seek to keep your child safe online.

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online gaming handout

Download a guide for online gaming safety which includes infomation on two of the most popular gaming platforms for teens and adults alike, Discord and Fortnite. You’ll learn the potential dangers found in online gaming and video games and, more importantly, practical ways you can protect your kids.
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App Safety Handout

This handouts will explore three popular apps: Snapchat, Instagram and TikTok. You’ll learn why they’re popular and what each app can do … as well as the potential dangers of each. 

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