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Thank you From the Fierce Freedom Team!

"I believe that all jails desperately need your training as the victims of human trafficking frequently pass through the system. If staff is not trained on the warning signs of human trafficking and what the victims my look like, these are missed opportunities to provide help."

Captain Curt Dutton, Chippewa County Sheriff's Office

"I've worked with them, side by side, and know firsthand, that the Fierce Freedom staff, board and volunteers work tirelessly and passionately toward their call and mission - expanding programs as they go. Their awareness focus has grown to include targeted training, victim services and more."

Joyce Orth

"Fierce Freedom is an amazing non-profit that is run by informed, passionate and hard working world changers. They are indeed fierce in their commitment to ending modern day slavery and are strategic, thoughtful and great stewards of the resources entrusted to them."

Jessie Podolak