Fundraising Ideas

DIY Fundraisers

Probably the easiest way to support freedom is through Facebook and other online fundraisers. Facebook allows your friends to see the cause you are fighting for and to join you in bringing about change.

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Yard sales are a fantastic way to clean out the stuff you couldn’t bear to part with yet still lives in your attic, closet, garage or basement. Multifamily yard sales typically draw more traffic and raise more money.

 Let your friends know you’re raising money for Fierce Freedom and ask if they have items they’d be willing to give to support the cause.


Are you a yoga instructor or do you enjoy yoga? Invite others into a sacred space of breath, movement, and tranquility by hosting a yoga fundraiser that both supports victims of trafficking and exploitation and highlights the work Fierce Freedom does in the community!

Your fundraiser could be yoga in the park, family yoga days, yoga for pets, a yoga workshop with silent raffle – so many options. Namaste!

How it all Began

In 2008, Jenny Almquist was at a presentation on human sex trafficking and couldn’t believe what she was seeing and hearing. How could slavery be happening in this day and age? She decided she had to do something and with her husband, Dave Almquist, started a retail business, Fierce Beauty, to raise money for organizations that free men, women, and children from human trafficking. The mission evolved, and in 2012 Jenny launched a non-profit organization, Fierce Freedom, to educate and raise awareness about human trafficking in northwest Wisconsin. In 2013 the organization opened its office in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

What We Do

Fierce Freedom educates the public about the fact that human trafficking isn’t just something that happens only in overseas third-world countries or in large cities. This crime against the most vulnerable among us occurs right here in the United States, right here in the Midwest, right here in rural Wisconsin. By educating the public, law enforcement, politicians and others about human trafficking, Fierce Freedom will continue to help reduce this horrific crime.

During the past few years, Fierce Freedom has played an important role not only in western Wisconsin but across the state in doing just that. The organization has spoken about the harsh realities of human trafficking to representatives in schools, churches, police departments, city and county government, state officials and with anyone else willing to listen. Fierce Freedom has forged relationships with those entities and others and has helped enact legislation at the state level that has significantly improved trafficking-related laws, enlisting support of both Democrats and Republicans along the way.

Despite those successes, and the growing support for the efforts of Fierce Freedom, much work remains to make meaningful inroads against sex and labor trafficking. Fighting those crimes will require continued work of people and agencies across Wisconsin and elsewhere, and Fierce Freedom plans to be play an even more vital role in those efforts in the future.

“I have been in this field (law enforcement) for more than 20 years and have never received training on human trafficking until now. I learned exactly how real it is, and it is not just a big city problem. I believe that every jail should receive this valuable training.”

Captain Curt Dutton
Chippewa County Sheriff’s Office

Training Your hometown

We can’t do this all by ourselves. That’s why we have created these customized training modules that you take back and present to your group. Everything you need is included for you to host your own training event.


Video Presentations


Corresponding Workbooks




Downloadable, Online Resources


Current Research & Statistics


And More...

Schools & Faculty

Did you know youth are often the most targeted population for trafficking? Fierce Freedom can empower your school to identify the warning signs of grooming – decreasing your own liability – while helping to protect students from exploitation.

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Faith Communities

Today, there are more slaves worldwide than when Lincoln was president. Fierce Freedom can show how you as a member of the faith community can take action against the “Goliath” of modern-day slavery in your hometown and protect your loved ones from exploitation.

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Law Enforcement

Law enforcement professionals are literally on the front lines in the battle against human trafficking. Fierce Freedom will train you in how to recognize the subtle (yet seeming hidden in plain sight) signs of trafficking as well as the benefits of taking a trauma-informed approach to your interactions. 

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Medical Professions

88% of trafficking victims will access health care at some point during their situation. Fierce Freedom will train you to  use your unique and vital role as a first responder or medical provider to report trafficking incidents and help victims to get the services they desperately need.

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Hospitality Industry

Each year, sex trafficking in hotels costs hotels billions of dollars in lawsuits and destroys corporate reputations. Find out how you as a member of the hotel industry can maintain your hotel’s reputation, help protect your hotel against a possible lawsuit, and uphold you as an industry leader in the fight against human trafficking and exploitation.

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Special Events

Human trafficking is the fastest growing and most lucrative criminal enterprise in our nation today. Fierce Freedom’s education will teach your group how to stand united together in the fight against modern-day slavery and protect your loved ones from exploitation.

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