Bryan is a management-side employment and labor-relations attorney at Weld Riley, S.C. in Eau Claire.   Bryan’s law practice emphasizes, among other things, collective bargaining; the defense of harassment, discrimination and retaliation claims; the defense of wage and hour complaints; non-compete litigation, advice concerning the proper administration of employee leave laws; and crafting workplace policies.   Bryan is also a MLBPA Certified baseball agent, and regularly advises professional baseball players at the major and minor league levels.

Bryan first encountered Fierce Freedom at his local church, where he learned about the pervasiveness of human trafficking both nationally and regionally.   After struggling to accept the heartbreaking and sobering reality that is human trafficking, Bryan immediately felt compelled to contribute to Fierce Freedom’s laudable mission of mobilizing the community to recognize and thwart human trafficking efforts in the Chippewa Valley and beyond.   Bryan is excited about empowering members of the local community to eradicate human enslavement through education and encouragement, and believes that each of us shares in the collective responsibility to take action to protect those vulnerable to trafficking efforts.