Today’s episode shines light on the global entity of Pornhub – the largest purveyor of user-generated porn in the world. Helen Taylor, Director of Outreach and Intervention for Exodus Cry, unpacks the problems with the site, which has been under fire for hosting content that promotes and profits from the real rape and abuse of women and children. She explains how this has become a trafficking hub, feeding demand of progressively violent sexual acts all under the guise of being a philanthropic org who cares. Helen shares about the call to action her organization Exodus Cry has taken after hearing so many real accounts of exploitation, named “traffickinghub.” She and her associates are calling for Pornhub to be held responsible for hosting such horrific, damaging content in which one 15-year-old victim said “gave her a life sentence.” To join the 2 million strong who have signed this petition and support Exodus Cry, visit their website: