For today’s rebroadcasted episode we invited Dr. Celia Williamson, named one of the top 30 most influential social workers alive today, with over 25 years of anti-trafficking experience.

Celia discusses her exciting new project, The Emancipation Nation Network – a free, rapidly growing network to equip and connect various professionals working for freedom and justice. This network includes topics, discussions, anti-trafficking events, and shared resources all in one place, a complete game changer for those in the movement to more effectively use our “collective power” in a community-based setting. Become a member today by visiting

Celia also shares many important lessons she has learned in her 25 years of experience such as, “money and power are good,” because they allow advocates the ability to continue in the fight while finding a “seat at the table” of important conversations. She also says that while “ego is death to collaboration” respecting oneself and taking opportunities to elevate your work is key to the mission’s success.

Visit to learn more about Celia’s projects including: The Emancipation Nation Podcast, The Emancipation Nation Network, her book, A Seat at the Table: The Courage to Care About Trafficking Victims, as well as the upcoming Human Trafficking and Social Justice Conference.